Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Before & After: Nautical Lamp

First DIY for our guest room redo: A New Lamp.

(and by guest room, I obviously mean the cat's room... have fun trying to kick him out of your bed, future guests)

Initially, I wanted a really country feel to the guest room, so naturally I get a nagging idea in my head for a nautical lamp that I really want to make.  Now just to decide whether the lamp is staying and the room is changing or vice versa...

I did have a really ugly cheap lamp in the room, but I kept seeing this simple little white one every time I visited Spotlight that just fit what I wanted to do.

before shot: plain boring old lamp

Starting with recovering the shade, adding the fabric as diagonal stripes to contrast with the rope base. 

Using the shade as a template, cut, wrap and pin to get the fit right.  Then folding a seam inside the shade, finishing with hot glue to secure it.

To add the rope base, I started with hot glue on the rope on the bottom for the whole circumference, then every 3 turns of the rope, I added a bit of hot glue to secure at the back.

It was such a quick and easy project and now we have a cute new lamp!

I wanted to title this post "I love lamp" but then I thought maybe no-one else would giggle at it but me and I'd just sound all lame, loving my lamp and all.  Ah, I always amuse myself with movie quotes.  No one else, usually, just myself.

What do you think?  Should I change my guest room or should another space be getting the nautical treatment??  I can hear the anchors motifs calling me...


  1. Wonderful transformation! You did a great job! Thanks a bunch for sharing:) Love your space.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. I just found your lovely blog by way of a pin on pinterest. I adore this nautical lamp. I would definitely enjoy staying in a guest room with such a refreshing and calm style of decor. :)

  3. Great job.Thanks for sharing your idea with us.I will definitely try this trick for my lamp.please visit my blog and suggest me some idea regarding Marine Lighting

  4. What size of rope did you use for this project?? Very innovative, love!

  5. I totally get "I love lamp" and I did giggle with you. :)

  6. Where did you find the rope for this project? I'm having a hard time finding decorative rope to use.


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