Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Creatively organised

I have a job that requires me to be organised... there are deadlines and plans and schedules and milestones and KPIs.

 And so, most people would think, assume and probably wage money that my house would run the same way.  It'd be organised, there'd be a system.

But the creative side of me lives in a world of CHAOS! 

There is no method in the madness!

It's like the Clark Kent in me.  So I'm slowly gathering the creative scraps around the house and organising all my little bits and bobs for easy access and inventorising (that's a word right?) for future projects.

First step - a ribbon box. 

I bought a little plastic tray from the dollar store and trimmed a wire coathanger to create a roll holder for the tray.  

(note to self: get sharp wire cutter, this was much harder than it needed to be!)

Bending one of the edges over will keep it from sliding out too easily… I worked mine out so that it slotted nicely into the hole below and secures the roll in.  

But don't bend both or you won't be able to add new ribbons!

Cute and useful!  Still on the fence whether to paint or decorate it.  

But at least it's organised.

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