Monday, 20 June 2011

Upcycling my Recycling

I’ve had a bottle sitting on my kitchen ledge for months.  It's looked really cute with a ribbon around it and I've known I wanted to do something with it.

Today I finally gave it a makeover and some friends… two pasta sauce jars.

It was so quick and easy to spray paint them all white but the weather didn't make drying easy.

They look pretty just plain white too.

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I dyed some doilies to decorate them.

To dye the doilies, all you need is some food dye.  Get a dish and add just enough water to soak them in and quite a bit of dye to the dish and dunk them in!  I recommend wearing gloves so you don't end up with blue spotty hands like me!

Dry your pretties by soaking most of the water up with layers of paper towel and leave on a sheet of paper towel until they're all dry.

And here they are on the ledge waiting for some flowers...

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