Monday, 11 July 2011

Sew cute baby gift

My gorgeous wonderful BFF chicky babe is coming to town, which will be the first time I get to see her with her lil baby-belly and I am soooooper excited!

I've had a baby gift sewing project on my to-do list for ages now:

And now I have my spanking new sewing machine (yay!) it was time to get right on sewing!  (thanks to my darling for the early birthday gift!)

It is an easy peasy project ... Provided kitty isn't in a playful mood.  The nights he is, he stalks under the table and I play kitty-intervention every 10 minutes as he has tried to eat or attack...

1. Thread
2. Plastic
3. Ribbons
4. Cloths
5. Scissors
6. Me!

A lot of my seams are a bit off from him trying to attack my feet when the foot pedal gets going.  Apparently, it sounds like fun.

I'm not precious when it comes to sewing.  I take a few shortcuts.  Okay, yeh... I'm a bit impatient!

I bought a big pack of large square nappies so they're lovely and big and pinned a wide strip of scrap fabric down through the middle.

The first two I made, I added the ribbon on after I'd done a seam over the edges..  I think they look lovely and chic without the ribbon too.

On the last few I added the ribbon and then seamed it over the edges of the nappy.  This was a bit of a neater option for the seam.

Unfortunately, I then totally forgot to get a picture of them all finished and stacked neatly... Whoops!  They're now on the other side of the country!

Oh, and we both got asked what we meant by "burp cloth"... There's some books you can read, lads...

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