Friday, 5 August 2011

Before and After: Laminate Bookcase Makeover

Quick before and after shots of my chipped, broken, ugly brown laminate... oh, the hideousness!

Look at it, sitting sadly, it was among the junk to be thrown to the council clean-up wolves...

My favourite pantone mug is the colour duck egg blue and it's... well, it's just so pretty!  And the inspiration for my new living room accents

I didn't take any photos of the process of revamping this bookcase - thankfully there's a second one!  When I get the time to do the next one (and the rain stops) I'll take some step-by-step pics. 


And, yes, just in case you're wondering over the bookcase contents, it's all mine.  Yep, I am a geek... history books, sci-fi shows, scrabble, comic books (or graphic novels to be more precise). 
And I can't even blame the other half - he doesn't read comic books! Gasp!


  1. hey i found you over on perfectly imperfect...i see that you used pantone..please do share your thoughts on this paint...i tried it on a vanity that i was painting white...i really liked the way the paint went seemed a little thicker and i like that...after several coats i just wasn't liking the look so i decided to just peeled off!! i've used some cheapo paint in my time too, and never had this, i have a piece of furniture that i guess i need to start over frustrated!!

  2. Hi Ashley! Oh no that does sound frustrating :( The Pantone colour was for inspiration only - you can't actually get their paint itself outside of north america so I have to stick with matching to swatches all the way over here in Oz. Which I thought was a bummer but after hearing your story maybe isn't such a bad thing! I'm a big shortcut taker, but if you're finding the paint is peeling was the surface sand/primed? Peeling can be due to it not being primed or clean enough (even though from memory the Pantone paints say they don't need primer?). The other thing is making sure the paint is 100% dry too. I live in a pretty humid city and it takes foreeeeeeeever to get a project done! I'm sure you've probably thought of this stuff but sorry I couldn't help on the paint front. Hope it all works out for you! Kylie :)